How To Play Ted Nugent Stranglehold Solo on Guitar

This one is for you, Greg! Better late than pregnant:) While I have posted a few Stranglehold videos in the past, I think this one shows the complete guitar solo better than the rest of ’em. I, The Byrdman Steve, am playing it very close to the way Ted Nugent played it on the original album in 1975 but like all the others, they are a lifetime in progress.

As usual, listen at your own risk, as I am always open to your suggestions and corrections. Many of you have been very complimentary about my sound and asked how I get it. I’ve used many amps throughout my videos, and I am convinced it has more to do with playing style than anything else. Next would be the Byrdland guitar or at least a hollow-body guitar. The amp is No. 3 in my opinion, at least when it comes to Ted. I’ve said it before and will continue saying it, Stranglehold may be the greatest Rock N Roll song of all time, and that’s based on concrete evidence, not opinion:)

Stranglehold is about the sexiest way of saying “F” off that the mind can possibly endure. As usual, if you are offended by the occasional Right Wing Extremism that is All American and peppered throughout this channel, then you have the option to stop watching. At least until you Liberals take that freedom away too! Thank you all for continuing to treat me so kindly!!!

Byrdman Steve

Ted Nugent Paralyzed Live Cover 1989 By Byrd Steve

Here is some Vintage ByrdmanSteve. I think this was about 1989 or perhaps lets just say back when the Byrdman had hair. No Byrdland guitar quite yet but that didn’t stop the Nuge from flowing.

Paralyzed was the first song on the State of Shock album in 1979 if I’m not mistaken, and I’m not:) I was still just a boy when it came out. I think 1980 Was my first anxiously awaited Ted Nugent release. Begging the record store owner to let us have the new album just before the release date but he never would. It was just sitting there!!! Those were the times. Thanks for watching and all your comments!


20 Ted Nugent Favorite Guitar Riffs That Are not Stranglehold

Watch At Your Own Risk:) While the Byrdman’s Ted Nugent Riffs are Damn Close, I am not responsible for finger lash and DO NOT Guarantee all riffs and licks are played 100% as Ted Nugent plays them.

There is only One Nuge!!! This is by no means a complete favorite licks list as damn near every Nuge song would need to be included. Stranglehold? Stranglehold stands alone my friends… holding the answers to the universe.

This video is a collection of 16 loving and affectionate Ted Nugent guitar riffs, licks and more. I am proud to say my daughter ByrdgirlKarah was in in this video and was in training when this was made. She shows me a thing or two now!

There are a few songs off of Ted Nugent’s killer album many don’t even know about called If You Can’t Lick ‘Em Lick ‘Em and a few all time classics of course. See the list below and thanks for watching! All your kind comments have helped keep the byrdman a lil less grouchy:)


Ted Nugent Stranglehold Jazz Nightmare

This is a fun, silly clip. The ByrdmanSteve has a nightmare while cat napping. Imagine only being able to play stranglehold “jazz style”. Very troubling for a rocker!

I would like to thank my YouTube Friend Ken for sending me some footage of jazz guitar, on a Byrdland, played to the legendary Ted Nugent Stranglehold groove. This clip does not do Ken enough justice. Nice Job Ken and thank you!

Ted Nugent Guitar Lesson Hey Baby Cover

Hey Baby is a Ted Nugent classic written by the Awesome Derek St. Holmes. I, The Byrdman Steve, gives a crash course on how to play the song Hey Baby.

I am using my Ted Nugent Gibson, Howard Roberts Fusion guitar. I’m gonna leave playing the high note on the Byrdland to Ted:)

I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.


Ted Nugent Snakeskin Cowboys Cover Jam

Ted Nugent Snakeskin Cowboys Jam by The ByrdmanSteve! This is the longer version of the two on my channel. Snakeskin Cowboys is a classic Nuge tune that needs not any introduction.

The Byrdman is no vocalist so I urge you to be kind:) I have taken it upon myself to interject my Right Wing Extremist views of wanting Government to stop seeking and destroying, so if I offend anyone, you were not likely to be my friend anyway! This video was during Tea Party time if I’m not mistaken. Thank you for all the subscribing and friendships! Let me know what’s on your mind and if you have any suggestions.

Byrdman Steve

Start Spagled Banner National Anthem Guitar

Well, I squoze another one out. The Star Spangled Banner Byrdland Guitar style. To all my friends out there, this take was actually just a practice run, but I liked certain aspects of it and decided to post it. It’s RAW and Not Perfect! The National Anthem Byrdland style.

While I have heard Ted Nugent play the Star Spangled Banner many times, I am not sure I have ever heard him play it on a Byrd. I have not listened to Ted play it recently, so this is, by no means, an attempt to play it note for note as Ted does.

You may notice as I have, that my Byrdland sounds a tad out of tune at times, your understanding is appreciated. Please continue to send your comments which, I must say, have been overwhelmingly on the positive side. I am ready for the negative ones too, as ticking people off will be a sign that I’m on the right track! Thank You!


Byrdman Steve

How To Play The Ted Nugent Stranglehold Riff

Learn the Ted Nugent Stranglehold Guitar Riff from the ByrdmanSteve! Once again, I, The Byrdman Steve, am using my 1968 Gibson Byrdland guitar. This Byrdland was not one of Ted Nugent’s but it was set up by Ted Nugent’s guitar man at Elderly Instruments for me. I asked him to set it up for Ted Nugent and then send it to me.

I say learn at your own risk. Riffs are documented to be correct 97.5% of the time, to use some Rush Limbaugh promotional analogies. The Stranglehold Riff may be one of God’s greatest gifts to Ted Nugent, hence the world, but then again, I may be a little biased. Stranglehold is a legendary rock-n-roll guitar riff. While it’s easier than many to play, it’s nearly impossible to perfect!

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and requests to make more videos. I would love to quit my day job and oblige, but for now I’ll say pretend you’re just waiting for the new Boston album to come out:)

Byrdman Steve

Ted Nugent Stranglehold Guitar Solo Cover

The Byrdman Steve is back! I have been a busy Byrd and I don’t mean making You Tube videos:) This video shares a bit of the story explaining how I ended up with an authentic Ted Nugent Guitar, given to me by the Soulful, Love song Rocker himself. You will see “The Ted Nugent Guitar” which is a Gibson Fusion and my authentic 1968 Gibson Byrdland guitar. You will also see a Wang Dang Sweet Poontang riff, a little Great White Buffalo riff and the Stranglehold guitar solo in a Capella! Thank you for many kind comments!

Byrdman Steve