Start Spagled Banner National Anthem Guitar

Well, I squoze another one out. The Star Spangled Banner Byrdland Guitar style. To all my friends out there, this take was actually just a practice run, but I liked certain aspects of it and decided to post it. It’s RAW and Not Perfect! The National Anthem Byrdland style.

While I have heard Ted Nugent play the Star Spangled Banner many times, I am not sure I have ever heard him play it on a Byrd. I have not listened to Ted play it recently, so this is, by no means, an attempt to play it note for note as Ted does.

You may notice as I have, that my Byrdland sounds a tad out of tune at times, your understanding is appreciated. Please continue to send your comments which, I must say, have been overwhelmingly on the positive side. I am ready for the negative ones too, as ticking people off will be a sign that I’m on the right track! Thank You!


Byrdman Steve