A Jam With Ted Nugent!

A few months after the Dallas Guitar Festival in 2017, Ted is on tour once again. This time Ted plays two shows in my home town area in FL.  After some communication with TedQuarters regarding the shows, once again my phone rings and the number said “Blocked” hmm, it’s not the IRS because they never call you so could it be, again? Yup! Ted calling to see if I’d like to join them at a soundcheck for a quick jam. I said no thank you…Yeah right.

The Byrdman Jams a Few With Ted and the boys!

The picture is terrible as it was taken from video. Believe it or not, there is not a single photo of this event. I’m playing the Gibson, Howard Roberts Fusion I received from Ted in 1994 in this picture. I have oodles of people to thank for what amounted to an act of selfless kindness by many. At the top of the list has to be Ted! After that, the band: Greg Smith, Jason Hartless and then of course Linda at Tedquarters and the crew. It turns out that a soundcheck jam for which I thought I might be fortunate enough to participate in, was actually held for my benefit. A gesture of generosity on a level I was not aware of at the time and would never have asked, expected or even wanted of anyone to do. I don’t know what to say because “thank you” seems trivial… I left this event with a new signature on my Byrdland and a rain-check for lunch with Ted next time he’s in town. FYI, I answer all “Blocked” and “Private” calls from now on! Keep y’all posted!

Steve “Byrdman” Lewis