20 Ted Nugent Favorite Guitar Riffs That Are not Stranglehold

Watch At Your Own Risk:) While the Byrdman’s Ted Nugent Riffs are Damn Close, I am not responsible for finger lash and DO NOT Guarantee all riffs and licks are played 100% as Ted Nugent plays them.

There is only One Nuge!!! This is by no means a complete favorite licks list as damn near every Nuge song would need to be included. Stranglehold? Stranglehold stands alone my friends… holding the answers to the universe.

This video is a collection of 16 loving and affectionate Ted Nugent guitar riffs, licks and more. I am proud to say my daughter ByrdgirlKarah was in in this video and was in training when this was made. She shows me a thing or two now!

There are a few songs off of Ted Nugent’s killer album many don’t even know about called If You Can’t Lick ‘Em Lick ‘Em and a few all time classics of course. See the list below and thanks for watching! All your kind comments have helped keep the byrdman a lil less grouchy:)