How To Play Ted Nugent Stranglehold Solo on Guitar

This one is for you, Greg! Better late than pregnant:) While I have posted a few Stranglehold videos in the past, I think this one shows the complete guitar solo better than the rest of ’em. I, The Byrdman Steve, am playing it very close to the way Ted Nugent played it on the original album in 1975 but like all the others, they are a lifetime in progress.

As usual, listen at your own risk, as I am always open to your suggestions and corrections. Many of you have been very complimentary about my sound and asked how I get it. I’ve used many amps throughout my videos, and I am convinced it has more to do with playing style than anything else. Next would be the Byrdland guitar or at least a hollow-body guitar. The amp is No. 3 in my opinion, at least when it comes to Ted. I’ve said it before and will continue saying it, Stranglehold may be the greatest Rock N Roll song of all time, and that’s based on concrete evidence, not opinion:)

Stranglehold is about the sexiest way of saying “F” off that the mind can possibly endure. As usual, if you are offended by the occasional Right Wing Extremism that is All American and peppered throughout this channel, then you have the option to stop watching. At least until you Liberals take that freedom away too! Thank you all for continuing to treat me so kindly!!!

Byrdman Steve