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Well, there can’t be much left on my bucket list now, can there?! This video was from the Dallas Guitar Festival in May of 2017. One of my best weekends on record!

The excitement was made possible by so many, but if it wasn’t for my long-time close friend Greg Hagood’s invitation and his rolling out the red carpet for me, I probably wouldn’t have made it out there. Thank you, Greg and of course Thank you Ted!

I could write 10 pages on this event, but the short story is it was two full days with Ted, his son Toby, and Todd, Ted’s trusty guitar guru and handler.

The Nuge family n gang are as good a folk as you’ll ever meet. The Dallas Guitar Festival is a top-notch event in every way. The circle of Ted and the folks there to see Ted, are an incredible bunch.

If you want to see what America is made of, better yet what made America great, come to a Ted event like this and observe the backbone of America that just happens to appreciate Ted Nugent.

There was a time as a teenager when I thought if only I could get to see a Nugent concert. Then I thought if I only could shake his hand and express my appreciation. The only thing missing now is the fact that my mother didn’t live to see this.

Thank you Ted!

Ted Nugent Riffs And A Love Grenade Tutorial

Another Tedly dose of riffs are protruding! Guaranteed to make liberals bleed at 60 paces… There is a riff for Flesh and Blood (I now realize is not played entirely correctly) and a little Violent Love to start. An earthy Love Grenade with a tutorial and Do-Rags and A .45 to wedged in there too.

Remember, if you intend to try this at home, do so at your own risk as riffs are not guaranteed to be 100%. “There can be only one ToneGod! The rest are warriors.”

Thank you, Ted!

Greasy Ted Nugent Ditties

Here’s a few greasy lil ditties I swept up from my hard drive floor! Experience my interpretation of nature’s ToneGod as it slithers through my veins on an hourly basis.

This one includes Ted Nugent licks from some gritty movements like Can’t Live With ’em, Love Grenade, Crave, Rawdogs & Warhogs, Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine, and maybe even a little Stranglehold Teaze.

Enjoy at your own risk and celebrate the deadly force of truth and logic on a daily basis. Remember, “There can be only one ToneGod, the rest are warriors”

Thank you Ted!

Gonzo – By Ted Nugent – Covered By The Byrdman

Byrdman here with another video! This one showcases the Beastual song Gonzo! One of the crispiest, defiant little ditties Ted has ever spawned! This relaxing Rock n Roll elevator tune has always been guaranteed to make libs bleed at 60 paces!

I go into a bit of a tutorial with some “how to” in the middle, but it’s primarily a Klstr of usual soothing Byrdman Byrd racket! I’m using my 1968 Gibson Byrdland Florentine guitar and the Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. Both are barely tamable predators, to say the least.

Ted Nugent never released a studio version of this song. Its only officially released recording was from Double Live Gonzo.

My YouTube channel is tightly packed with like-minded, freedom-loving, asset-pounding, rugged individuals!

Thank you chronic great comments, requests, and inspiration and thanks for all the Byrdbrotherly love.

Byrd Steve

A Ted Nugent Free For All Jam

Here is another bunch of outtakes, so to speak, from our first night of jammin’ in the living room in a very long time. Finally some Free-For-All on the channel. It’s rough, and the Byrdman’s no vocalist or Ted, that’s fir sure!

I will, however, accept the term “adequate guitar player” -:) This video is all with the Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion or, should I say, previously Ted’s Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. This guitar is a wild animal, it’s so hot! I recently learned there are PRS pickups in it… it Screams!! For some reason I did not have my toggle in the middle position as should be the case for Free for All.

Free For All is an incredible KLSTR of Fluid Ted groove! It’s basic but it ain’t as easy as one might think… As one of my buds out there always reminds me in the name of Ted, “Stay Defiant.” Don’t forget to Live It Up every day after being an asset to yourself, family, and community!

Byrdman Steve

Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever Jam With XV-950

This is what happens in the Byrdman’s living room when good ole friends come over. I flung a bunch of clips together for this video and I think it’s worth a listen.

Cat Scratch Fever is without a doubt a Ted Nugent classic and nothing more really needs to be said. I am playing another one of the Xavier XV-950 guitars. This one resembles Ted Nugent’s famous Black Byrdland. It is a full hollow body so it does howl and looks very Tedly. It took some tweaking but for the money it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for all the great comments and support!

Byrd Steve

Ted Nugent Wang Dang Sweet Poontang Guitar Lesson Tutorial

The Byrdman comes out of hiding for some instruction on the Ted Nugent song Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. This is a short guitar tutorial or lesson for one of the most gentle, and loving songs of all time. -:)

Also a quick review of the Xaviere XV-950 guitar that is about the the most economical Byrdland wanna-be out there. “If you are a connoisseur of high end craftsmanship you might think twice, however, mine play and sound as well as any of ’em’

Thank you for all the great comments and nudging me to get something new up!


Xaviere XV-950 Guitar Review

Many have asked me if I can suggest a guitar that doesn’t cost crazy money like a Byrdland, and this may be a great option. This is a short video showing the Xaviere XV-950 Guitar from Guitarfetish .com.

It looks very Tedly and is an inexpensive option when the Nugent howl is Craved. Check out the video to see for yourself. Thank you for all the ongoing great comments and more!


Learn Some Ted Nugent Guitar!

The Byrdman Steve is quite possibly the world’s most loyal Ted Nugent Activist! In this short video the Byrdman gives a quick rundown of our channel.

The Byrdman Steve’s channel shows off his skills of 31 + years of Nuge obsession, shows you how to play the material, and promotes our conservative principles. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you for watching!

Byrdman Steve