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Well, there can’t be much left on my bucket list now, can there?! This video was from the Dallas Guitar Festival in May of 2017. One of my best weekends on record!

The excitement was made possible by so many, but if it wasn’t for my long-time close friend Greg Hagood’s invitation and his rolling out the red carpet for me, I probably wouldn’t have made it out there. Thank you, Greg and of course Thank you Ted!

I could write 10 pages on this event, but the short story is it was two full days with Ted, his son Toby, and Todd, Ted’s trusty guitar guru and handler.

The Nuge family n gang are as good a folk as you’ll ever meet. The Dallas Guitar Festival is a top-notch event in every way. The circle of Ted and the folks there to see Ted, are an incredible bunch.

If you want to see what America is made of, better yet what made America great, come to a Ted event like this and observe the backbone of America that just happens to appreciate Ted Nugent.

There was a time as a teenager when I thought if only I could get to see a Nugent concert. Then I thought if I only could shake his hand and express my appreciation. The only thing missing now is the fact that my mother didn’t live to see this.

Thank you Ted!