A Ted Nugent Free For All Jam

Here is another bunch of outtakes, so to speak, from our first night of jammin’ in the living room in a very long time. Finally some Free-For-All on the channel. It’s rough, and the Byrdman’s no vocalist or Ted, that’s fir sure!

I will, however, accept the term “adequate guitar player” -:) This video is all with the Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion or, should I say, previously Ted’s Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. This guitar is a wild animal, it’s so hot! I recently learned there are PRS pickups in it… it Screams!! For some reason I did not have my toggle in the middle position as should be the case for Free for All.

Free For All is an incredible KLSTR of Fluid Ted groove! It’s basic but it ain’t as easy as one might think… As one of my buds out there always reminds me in the name of Ted, “Stay Defiant.” Don’t forget to Live It Up every day after being an asset to yourself, family, and community!

Byrdman Steve