Motor City Madhouse Ted Nugent Cover

Motor City Madhouse used to be the Ted Nugent riff I dreaded most. On paper I suppose it’s easy. It tends to look easy and just might come easy to some but, in all my years of playing and gigging, I never once met anyone besides the man himself that did it any justice.

I had the time of my life in Dallas, Texas in 2017 at the Dallas Guitar Festival with Ted. The luxury of soaking it up from the man himself has helped bring me to the next level. That having been said, these riffs are like your favorite movie; every time you get into it you find something else you missed! I do a bit of instruction in this video for which I think Ted might likely say, with a hint of sarcasm, good luck.

These riffs are a lifelong endeavor; at least that’s my opinion. You may think you have them down, others may think you have them down, but I know, we almost never have them 100%. I speak from firsthand experience. I’ve been certain of my abilities on some of these riffs before, but when you are inches from Ted and his guitar with nothing more than a tiny little amp, you can’t help but humble up and get back to work.

The guts that spew out of Ted and onto the fretboard are like a fingerprint. Hence the term coined by the Byrdman, “There can be only one ToneGod! The rest of us are warriors.” I do a little bit of Weekend Warriors and Flesh and Blood here as well, as they have some riff similarity.

My latest experience was playing a few songs with Ted at a soundcheck. I haven’t been that nervous since…well, maybe ever. Wouldn’t you know, he wanted to play Motor City Madhouse; maybe the only Nuge song I was not prepared for. The experience of my life but a tinge of bittersweet too, as I attempted to keep from getting run over on MCM. I will be prepared if there is a next time! Thank you for the continued mojo, Ted! ByrdmanSteve A/K/A ByrdSteve