Mar 27 2010

Moderate Thinkers Are Scary Too!

Political moderates scare me too. Moderate thinking is only a less aggressive path to destroying our nation. It’s like it’s like a 38 cal instead of a 50 caliber! Moderate thinking is still contrary to that of our Founding Fathers.

Being a moderate as well as a liberal is an arrogant stand so far as I am concerned. A moderate stand is easy.  A moderate stand is the path of least resistance. Moderates are liberals, not conservatives because anything to the left of a conservative is not a conservative.

As we go through this history-making period, watching our freedom threatened by liberal thinking, it is clearer than ever to me. If you are center or center left you have at the very least, done nothing to help our nation and have most likely been a contributing factor to this state we find ourselves in now.

Moderates in this country have been the bridge enabling radical left thinkers to crossover from kook commy land to our homeland. Apathetic, unsuspecting  Americans have trouble comprehending that the level of dishonesty and perpetration of corruption is what we say it is!

The moderate world is really the Novocaine world. I say that because while wandering around in moderate territory, you are so close to the enemy for so long that you become numb to the danger. You entertain dialog and ultimately enable the enemy.

People tell me the economy is a cycle; don’t worry, it will be back. The economy is not what I am worried about. At least not in the big picture. It is the mindset of our people that concerns me. The fact that there are enough people in this country that do not think like I do to have voted these communist into office. I have to say, the irony here is, it is the mindset of the American people I am worried about, but it is also the awesome resolve of the American people that gives me the confidence that one way or another, we will not let this happen!

I am considered a radical right thinker for only one reason; Timing. We live in a time where we have drifted so far from what created the richest and most compassionate nation in the world that believing in the traditions that got us here is considered radical!

Ever notice the middle of the road is the smoothest part of the road? It is in my neighborhood:)

The good news is, thank you McCain for running a poor campaign, showing your liberal ways, not being electable, and a very special thanks to Obama for his gracious willingness to wake up the American people before it’s too late.


Mar 25 2010

It’s Not Politics!

What is happening in Washington IS NOT POLITICS! Politics is our process. Yes it gets nasty, but it is a process of working together. The line has been crossed! It is no longer politics. Our political system has been assaulted. It is under siege! Our process of operation has been urinated on. History’s most precious document, the United States Constitution, the document that has kept our country from tyrannical rule, has been trampled upon.

The only difference between this current administration and our leadership being taken over by a foreign enemy is the fact that we elected these radical teenage dictators into office as our leaders! Ironically, the success of our nation has afforded, as a side effect of freedom, a society so comfortable and or apathetic and expectant of peace, that they now hold beliefs contrary to our founding.

What has happened with health care is a political Pearl Harbor. We are, and have been for some time, dealing with a divide in this country that consists of a Democratic party that has been hijacked by radical socialist, baby communists. This party can no longer exist as a viable party worthy of sitting down at the table and working out the issues of  the nation and the world. This party holds views that have to exists at the core of all enemies of our nation. Only worse yet, they demonstrate their hatred for America in their actions but won’t admit it! At least the terrorists admit they want to blow us off the face of the earth!

One of the most frustrating aspects of all this, and perhaps the main reason this co-opted party is succeeding to force their Marxist view on us thus far is, they have not yet been deemed or recognized as an actual enemy! It’s a war within that only part of the country realizes! The radical leftists are managing to masquerade in leadership position as viable, elected, dignified leaders! They are a cloaked enemy from within, and I don’t know how much longer I can listen to our media, even Fox News, treating them with the utmost respect for the offices they rule! These people should be in jail, not thanked for taking time out of their busy day to come lie to the American people!

Let’s face it, you and I know there is no talking or reasoning with these people. While I do believe the Democratic party has always represented the move from what is right towards what is wrong,  I will say, these are not Democrats! These are not the Democrats that were full of social giveaways but still loved our founding. Today’s Democrats are enemies of freedom! They have co-opted the Democratic party and are using it as a conduit to poison the country! What timing too, as we have reached a point in time that the success of the American way has spawned such a comfort level, enabling people the luxury of remaining ignorant, disrespectful, or even hateful of the very nation and people affording them that luxury.

In closing, perhaps a silver lining in all of this is, now we have a chance. I shutter to think what another decade or so of safe-but moderate Bush-style politics would allow these peace abusers and confused moderates to grow into. To put it another way, I don’t know if a few more decades of gradually saturating our culture with stealthy bits of socialism would allow us the ability to overcome it. This administration is not hiding who they are. Finally, if you open your eyes you can see what liberalism is and leads to. So, unless you have your head in the sand, and many still do, you can now see it. If we can see it, we can fight it, if we can fight it, we can beat it.


Mar 7 2010

The Byrdman Steve Tells a Bit Of His Story and Plays Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

Byrdman Steve, Some of The Story and The Sranglehold Guitar Solo

The Byrdman with his Byrdland honoring the king of the archtop! Hear some stranglehold on the Byrdland Guitar!

Mar 7 2010

Byrdman Steve Some Stranglehold and Some Information

Byrdman Steve, Some Stranglehold On The Byrdland and some conversation

A little Byrdman Byrdland Action playing Stranglehold and a few other ditties you might catch.