To Befriend Or Not…

My son just asked me, “Hey, Dad. So do we only support people who are like us?” What he meant, because he hears his parents talking all the time, is do we befriend people who disagree with us? I thought for a moment, not that this is a new thought, but it hit me harder today. We always have befriended those who we knew were good, decent, and honest at heart regardless of their views (most happened to share our views but not all). Now, I must say, no more. Civility is a challenge these days.

We were always trained to respect the views of others even if we didn’t agree with their view. The reality of it was, it really didn’t matter what their view was because I could have my own view, and go on to pursue my life and opportunity in whatever way I wanted.  But the real reality of it is, we are losing our opportunity to pursue our own prosperous lives because of their views and, most importantly, because we thought respecting their view didn’t matter so long as we still had what, looking back, seems like a selfish opportunity to take care of our own dreams.

Don’t mistake respecting the views of others with respecting their right to have that view. I do believe for some time we have been seriously confusing respecting the right to ones belief with respecting their belief itself. In other words, their right to say it is fine but when they spout anti American communist goo, on any level, we as Americans should be outraged every time! If we had always been, it’s possible we would not have fallen to where we are today.  The beauty and sort of paradoxical aspect of the entire situation is that the right for others to hold any opinion they wish is so precious that words cannot do justice, however, that same precious right to ones opinion gives right for those to appose, with & without ignorance, the process that created that precious right. History does seem to repeat itself.


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