Jul 5 2010

The Fifth Of July!

It is my understanding that the 5th of July is being declared a holiday this year. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought all holidays were a symbolic remembrance of a sacred event, time, or belief, and the only thing we have to grasp on to in order to immortalize the occurrence is the day in time that symbolizes the sacred memories or beliefs!

Too many Americans view holidays as “A DAY I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK DAY,” PERIOD! This thinking is screwed up on many levels. If our thinking were in proper perspective, we would still be worshiping the ability to work and the gift of a job that was earned through incredible sacrifice.

So when a holiday falls on a weekend, the fact that our society has brainwashed itself into declaring a national “stay home from work day” on a weekday is tragic! Where is the logic in this?  We have gone absolutely mad!!

Maybe I have this all backwards, but the idea is to observe the holiday, the meaning, the symbolic meaning of the day of the event, or deep religious belief, and you can do that just wonderfully on Saturday or Sunday and still make it to work on Monday to celebrate your sacred gift of a job!

I would like to know how many of you liberally tended thinkers that get pissed at your boss for making you work on the weekday following a holiday actually observe the meaning of the holiday on that work day off!

If it really was all about the meaning of the holiday, I might take another approach to this, but I know damn well we live in a lazy-ass time when people don’t worship their jobs nearly enough, even in this market, and just want another excuse to bar-B-Q and drink.

Too many Americans have been living it up on the coattails of the profound success of those who sacrificed for this taken-for-granted way of life we have had in America. They have become leaches of society, guilty of poisoning America by doing NOTHING! By failing to stay informed as to how we achieved this way of life, failing to appreciate this way of life, and failing to stay engaged in order to preserve this way of life.

So while great historical occurrences may have occurred on the 5th of July, the sacred symbol of Independence Day we have come to recognize is on the 4th of July. So I say, stay home and celebrate the 4th of July on the 4th of July and work your ass off on the 5th of July, celebrating your hard-earned gift of a job, if you still have one!


Jan 17 2010

Peace? Duh!

The Byrdman's Peace Sing!

The Byrdman's Peace Sign!

The peace sign has always offended me. I know it sounds like a terrible thing to say, but I hate peace signs! As far as I am concerned, the peace sign should not exist. It shouldn’t exist because it implies that other fine individuals oppose peace.

First of all, peace? duh!  What individual in their right mind isn’t for peace? So why flaunt the peace sign!!?? Flaunt a sign for something that is controversial but don’t shove your arrogant peace sing in my face, implying I may not support the concept of peace! If the intent behind the peace sign really is just to show opposition to evil, than at least it’s respectable, but it’s not! The intent behind the peace sign is to oppose the actual actions and or individuals that make and keep the peace.

My understanding is that the peace sign was originally designed as a nuclear disarmament symbol and somewhere around 1958 or 1960 it was adopted in the United States by the anti-war movement.  It is my view that peace sign people are made up of  both those who are simply naive and those who appose what really creates and keeps peace. If a peace sign was called an “anti-war” sign than at least it would be honest about what it is.

Due to the fact that there is pure violent evil in this world, it is unfortunate but obvious that peace can only be achieved by defeating the evil. This means words that liberals hate like victory, and military strength. So until I see evidence that I am wrong, I HATE PEACE SIGNS!


Jan 9 2010

I Love Insurance Companies!

I Love Insurance

I don’t know that I am an expert on anything, well maybe Ted Nugent, but I will say that if I want to be politically incorrect, and I do, I could spout to the world that I love insurance companies! So I will. I LOVE INSURANCE COMPANIES! Ya know, my mother loved insurance. She believed in it to the hilt. My family has always included insurance as a must as a part of our pathetic income. Health insurance was at the top of the list.  It all came before the toys in life. Imagine that.

All I know about insurance is that it has SAVED OUR ASSES on multiple occasions! So I love insurance. I also know that not all of anyone or anything is ALL good, but insurance companies in general have made undesirable changes to what they offer because millions of idiots resentful of insurance companies’ CEO profits think insurance companies suck. These people believe the goo that oozes from the left saying so to be true. So the result is, these people will do anything they can to screw the insurance company. Insurance companies, like any other business institution blessed to exist in the US because of great sacrifices, do exist for profit. It doesn’t take an expert to know that without the incentive of profit we would be a third-world country. We would still have zillionaires, but the zillionaires would be communist dictators instead of CEOs. Some people in this country are so far gone in their thinking that they actually would prefer the dictators to the rich CEOs.

To quote a friend of mine, Just imagine a world or at least our country without insurance companies. Well, dammit to hell, if people wouldn’t actually have to stop being pathetic and irresponsible ASSES, it just might bring people back to taking responsibility for their own actions. It would put ambulance-chasing attorneys out of business, and then insurance companies (don’t forget business in general) could return with reasonable rates and life could go back to what I insist it is supposed be!


Nov 26 2009

To Befriend Or Not…

My son just asked me, “Hey, Dad. So do we only support people who are like us?” What he meant, because he hears his parents talking all the time, is do we befriend people who disagree with us? I thought for a moment, not that this is a new thought, but it hit me harder today. We always have befriended those who we knew were good, decent, and honest at heart regardless of their views (most happened to share our views but not all). Now, I must say, no more. Civility is a challenge these days.

We were always trained to respect the views of others even if we didn’t agree with their view. The reality of it was, it really didn’t matter what their view was because I could have my own view, and go on to pursue my life and opportunity in whatever way I wanted.  But the real reality of it is, we are losing our opportunity to pursue our own prosperous lives because of their views and, most importantly, because we thought respecting their view didn’t matter so long as we still had what, looking back, seems like a selfish opportunity to take care of our own dreams.

Don’t mistake respecting the views of others with respecting their right to have that view. I do believe for some time we have been seriously confusing respecting the right to ones belief with respecting their belief itself. In other words, their right to say it is fine but when they spout anti American communist goo, on any level, we as Americans should be outraged every time! If we had always been, it’s possible we would not have fallen to where we are today.  The beauty and sort of paradoxical aspect of the entire situation is that the right for others to hold any opinion they wish is so precious that words cannot do justice, however, that same precious right to ones opinion gives right for those to appose, with & without ignorance, the process that created that precious right. History does seem to repeat itself.