Jul 5 2010

The Fifth Of July!

It is my understanding that the 5th of July is being declared a holiday this year. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought all holidays were a symbolic remembrance of a sacred event, time, or belief, and the only thing we have to grasp on to in order to immortalize the occurrence is the day in time that symbolizes the sacred memories or beliefs!

Too many Americans view holidays as “A DAY I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK DAY,” PERIOD! This thinking is screwed up on many levels. If our thinking were in proper perspective, we would still be worshiping the ability to work and the gift of a job that was earned through incredible sacrifice.

So when a holiday falls on a weekend, the fact that our society has brainwashed itself into declaring a national “stay home from work day” on a weekday is tragic! Where is the logic in this?  We have gone absolutely mad!!

Maybe I have this all backwards, but the idea is to observe the holiday, the meaning, the symbolic meaning of the day of the event, or deep religious belief, and you can do that just wonderfully on Saturday or Sunday and still make it to work on Monday to celebrate your sacred gift of a job!

I would like to know how many of you liberally tended thinkers that get pissed at your boss for making you work on the weekday following a holiday actually observe the meaning of the holiday on that work day off!

If it really was all about the meaning of the holiday, I might take another approach to this, but I know damn well we live in a lazy-ass time when people don’t worship their jobs nearly enough, even in this market, and just want another excuse to bar-B-Q and drink.

Too many Americans have been living it up on the coattails of the profound success of those who sacrificed for this taken-for-granted way of life we have had in America. They have become leaches of society, guilty of poisoning America by doing NOTHING! By failing to stay informed as to how we achieved this way of life, failing to appreciate this way of life, and failing to stay engaged in order to preserve this way of life.

So while great historical occurrences may have occurred on the 5th of July, the sacred symbol of Independence Day we have come to recognize is on the 4th of July. So I say, stay home and celebrate the 4th of July on the 4th of July and work your ass off on the 5th of July, celebrating your hard-earned gift of a job, if you still have one!


Jun 20 2010

Strenghth Then Medicate

I can’t help but have an opinion on kids that are so easily medicated these days. Now, I’m not saying if some of these kids were mine I wouldn’t medicate too. I’m not the strongest guy around. I do have kids and luckily I have not had to even think of medication. The Jack Daniels works fine (a little humor). I do say, from what I have seen, these kids, in many cases, have more ability in there somewhere to control it than they are pushed to use.

I’m sure glad we live in a time where our advancements have made drugs available for nearly everything, but it becomes difficult to distinguish a need from a cop-out. I’m not saying people should generally suffer or struggle when there is something that will make it easier, but one thing that is missing these days is the will to be as strong as you can first.

We teach our kids from day one that there is a pain pill for nearly everything they will ever encounter in life, and just exposing your kids to life’s pain, suffering, and smut, as liberals tout, prepares kids for tough times (because it’s easier than being a role model) does not make them strong! Life is a rugged road. You want people to be dedicated to being as strong as possible, and once they accomplish that, you know they are only popping the pills of life because they really need ’em.

I’m only saying people who wish to avoid the easy way out may actually be better prepared for life than those who always take the path of least resistance.

I was just talking to my wife and we pondered the concept that some of these so-called diseases kids have such as ADHD, ADD, etc. really should not be called a disease at all. I do understand the issues are REAL problems, so don’t misunderstand, but calling them a disease as they do, or even a disorder just somehow doesn’t sit right with me.

We all have different tendencies based on our personalities which I believe is based on our chemical makeup and a zillion other biological combinations.  Some characteristics are extreme and cause extreme behavior, but I don’t think that necessarily constitutes a disease. A problem yes, but a disease? Hell, if we are going to call those extreme personalities a disease, then seriously confused Liberals are as sick as dogs! Why isn’t extreme happiness a disease? Incessantly happy people are annoying as hell right? Why no pill for them? Actually most kids in so-called need of pills are incessantly happy. Lots of energy comes with happiness.

I am being extreme in my thinking to make just a tiny point. I do thank God for our world’ and our Forefathers for Conservatism, our heroic warriors for defeating leftist thinking and achieving the most prosperous, generous nation of freedom, liberty, and capitalism, and finally, I thank the heart and soul that has gone into most of our capitalism that has led to the development of the medications available to us today! We all need to push ourselves and our children to be strong individuals and to not let our strengths atrophy (rot) because we don’t use ’em anymore.

May 21 2010

Cowering In The Middle

I just had a heated discussion with an old friend. He is a great guy, but the stuff that came out of him devastates me! First of all, he is devoted to not taking a side. He thinks not taking a side is somehow morally superior. He insists that an hour of Fox News and an hour of CNN is balance! He is dedicated to the notion, as so many are, that all news and politicians are corrupt. This accomplishes NOTHING! We have a duty to pay closer attention because something as HUGE as U.S. or even global politics cannot properly and accurately be deciphered by listening to a few sound bites or people.

If you’re lucky, you know at least what your principles are. Far too many people do not. They only know that their life isn’t the way they want it and people are suffering. If you do know what your principles are, and you are clear on the philosophy of what you believe, that’s great, but you have one more HUGE duty to tackle. We must properly decipher what politicians DO, not what they say, and align yourself with the party that most reflects your philosophies.

It is not noble to avoid participation because you can’t find a party that is a mirror of your brain. I will say, if you understand conservatism, it is a perfect blueprint. Yes, there are undesirable solutions to difficult problems, but if you are devoted to nobility as outlined by God, the noble solutions to many situations are undesirable, but nonetheless, proper, noble, and necessary and they are all covered in the blueprint that is conservatism. On the other hand, if you are devoted to liberalism, it also is a perfect blueprint. Liberalism is the antithesis of conservatism and our country’s founding, and when practiced to its fullest as a nation, it will serve as the constitution for communism.

Americans’ political beliefs are an absolute mess right now. If we really had a situation where every voter knew what they believed in and made an educated decision to support the left or right, that would be healthy, but that is a far cry from what goes on. Elections are being determined by voters who are guessing, based on a vibe, a feeling, a hunch that usually came from propagandized news scraps that have traveled from person to person. These people are grasping a political position based on the same emotion that determines their favorite color.

The only people listening to BOTH SIDES are people who DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY BELIEVE! So I say learn, figure out what you believe, pick a damn side, and listen to the people who are most in line with your beliefs and, whether on the left or right, participate!

A watered-down concept is not a master plan for anything! No one ever broke a record playing both sides. No one has ever achieved greatness by being moderate. Greatness is achieved by figuring something out and running with it!

Conservatism is greatness. You can thank those who have heroically devoted themselves to conservatism from the time of our country’s founding for ALL the greatness our nation has ever achieved. Conservatism has created a nation worthy of ruin.

We all know liberalism is conservative Kryptonite. No one is looking to destroy Lex Luthor, but Superman is a target by many. No one is looking to tear down a third-world country, but dammit, realize that there is a political force of liberalism working to tear down Superman! (I mean the U.S. for those of you in Rio Linda, to quote a great guy:)!

I believe most who denounce conservatism don’t really know what it is. Even most of your left-wing wackos practice some conservatism every day and don’t know it! It’s a little bit like breathing air. We are living in conservative remains, and everything you do in a day’s time that is not communistic is, at the very least, a watered-down fragment of conservatism or capitalism. To put it another way, it’s nearly impossible to live in America and not benefit from conservatism. Even our ability to pay welfare is the result of conservatism!

Finally, the middle is being on both sides. The middle has a little conservatism and a little communism and a bunch of NOTHING or it wouldn’t be the middle! There is good and bad. If you are in the middle, you support a little of both.


Apr 4 2010

It Is No Longer Politics!

What is happening in Washington IS NOT POLITICS! Politics is our process. Yes it gets nasty, but it is a process of working together. The line has been crossed! Our political system has been assaulted and is under siege as we speak! History’s most precious document, the United States Constitution, the document that has protected our country from tyrannical rule, has been tread upon.

The only difference between this current administration and our leadership being taken over by a foreign enemy is the fact that we “elected” these radical teenage dictators into office as our leaders! Ironically, the success of our nation has afforded, as a side effect of freedom, a culture so comfortable and or apathetic and expectant of peace, that many now hold beliefs contrary to our founding.

I don’t know how much longer I can listen to mainstream media, even Fox News, treating our ignorantly elected leaders with the utmost respect for the offices they rule! These people should be in jail and or thrown out for their despicable disrespect for our process, not thanked for taking time out of their busy day to come lie to the American people!

While I do believe the Democratic party has always represented the move from what is right toward what is wrong, I will say, these are not Democrats! These are not the Democrats that were full of social giveaways but still loved our founding.

Perhaps a silver lining in all of this is, now we have a chance. I shutter to think what another decade or so of safe-but moderate Bush-style politics would have allowed these peace abusers and confused moderates to grow into. To put it another way, I don’t know if a few more decades of gradually saturating our culture with stealthy bits of socialism would allow us the ability to overcome it. This administration is not hiding who they are. Finally, if you open your eyes you can see what liberalism is and leads to. If we can see it, we can fight it, if we can fight it, we can beat it, DON’T LET UP!

Mar 27 2010

Moderate Thinkers Are Scary Too!

Political moderates scare me too. Moderate thinking is only a less aggressive path to destroying our nation. It’s like it’s like a 38 cal instead of a 50 caliber! Moderate thinking is still contrary to that of our Founding Fathers.

Being a moderate as well as a liberal is an arrogant stand so far as I am concerned. A moderate stand is easy.  A moderate stand is the path of least resistance. Moderates are liberals, not conservatives because anything to the left of a conservative is not a conservative.

As we go through this history-making period, watching our freedom threatened by liberal thinking, it is clearer than ever to me. If you are center or center left you have at the very least, done nothing to help our nation and have most likely been a contributing factor to this state we find ourselves in now.

Moderates in this country have been the bridge enabling radical left thinkers to crossover from kook commy land to our homeland. Apathetic, unsuspecting  Americans have trouble comprehending that the level of dishonesty and perpetration of corruption is what we say it is!

The moderate world is really the Novocaine world. I say that because while wandering around in moderate territory, you are so close to the enemy for so long that you become numb to the danger. You entertain dialog and ultimately enable the enemy.

People tell me the economy is a cycle; don’t worry, it will be back. The economy is not what I am worried about. At least not in the big picture. It is the mindset of our people that concerns me. The fact that there are enough people in this country that do not think like I do to have voted these communist into office. I have to say, the irony here is, it is the mindset of the American people I am worried about, but it is also the awesome resolve of the American people that gives me the confidence that one way or another, we will not let this happen!

I am considered a radical right thinker for only one reason; Timing. We live in a time where we have drifted so far from what created the richest and most compassionate nation in the world that believing in the traditions that got us here is considered radical!

Ever notice the middle of the road is the smoothest part of the road? It is in my neighborhood:)

The good news is, thank you McCain for running a poor campaign, showing your liberal ways, not being electable, and a very special thanks to Obama for his gracious willingness to wake up the American people before it’s too late.


Mar 25 2010

It’s Not Politics!

What is happening in Washington IS NOT POLITICS! Politics is our process. Yes it gets nasty, but it is a process of working together. The line has been crossed! It is no longer politics. Our political system has been assaulted. It is under siege! Our process of operation has been urinated on. History’s most precious document, the United States Constitution, the document that has kept our country from tyrannical rule, has been trampled upon.

The only difference between this current administration and our leadership being taken over by a foreign enemy is the fact that we elected these radical teenage dictators into office as our leaders! Ironically, the success of our nation has afforded, as a side effect of freedom, a society so comfortable and or apathetic and expectant of peace, that they now hold beliefs contrary to our founding.

What has happened with health care is a political Pearl Harbor. We are, and have been for some time, dealing with a divide in this country that consists of a Democratic party that has been hijacked by radical socialist, baby communists. This party can no longer exist as a viable party worthy of sitting down at the table and working out the issues of  the nation and the world. This party holds views that have to exists at the core of all enemies of our nation. Only worse yet, they demonstrate their hatred for America in their actions but won’t admit it! At least the terrorists admit they want to blow us off the face of the earth!

One of the most frustrating aspects of all this, and perhaps the main reason this co-opted party is succeeding to force their Marxist view on us thus far is, they have not yet been deemed or recognized as an actual enemy! It’s a war within that only part of the country realizes! The radical leftists are managing to masquerade in leadership position as viable, elected, dignified leaders! They are a cloaked enemy from within, and I don’t know how much longer I can listen to our media, even Fox News, treating them with the utmost respect for the offices they rule! These people should be in jail, not thanked for taking time out of their busy day to come lie to the American people!

Let’s face it, you and I know there is no talking or reasoning with these people. While I do believe the Democratic party has always represented the move from what is right towards what is wrong,  I will say, these are not Democrats! These are not the Democrats that were full of social giveaways but still loved our founding. Today’s Democrats are enemies of freedom! They have co-opted the Democratic party and are using it as a conduit to poison the country! What timing too, as we have reached a point in time that the success of the American way has spawned such a comfort level, enabling people the luxury of remaining ignorant, disrespectful, or even hateful of the very nation and people affording them that luxury.

In closing, perhaps a silver lining in all of this is, now we have a chance. I shutter to think what another decade or so of safe-but moderate Bush-style politics would allow these peace abusers and confused moderates to grow into. To put it another way, I don’t know if a few more decades of gradually saturating our culture with stealthy bits of socialism would allow us the ability to overcome it. This administration is not hiding who they are. Finally, if you open your eyes you can see what liberalism is and leads to. So, unless you have your head in the sand, and many still do, you can now see it. If we can see it, we can fight it, if we can fight it, we can beat it.


Feb 9 2010

What If Terrorist Ran The United States Of America?

If Terrorist Ran Our Country, What Would Be different?

Just for a moment let’s take 200 of the most aggressive America haters in the world and assume they ran for the highest office in the land and took charge of the United States Of America. I would like to know in what way would this group govern differently from the Obama administration today? This may sound a bit extreme, but we live in extreme times, and I don’t think we can afford to gamble on the answer to this!

Okay. So the 200 such America haters that are now “hypothetically” politically in charge will not personally be suicide bombing, at least not physically, as they are now in the captain’s chair, so they will have to find ways of destroying the nation they loathe by political means. What might they do? In no order of importance, because that would be impossible:

  • Raise taxes
  • Raise all costs for small business through energy taxes and unemployment increases and a million others
  • Allow fuel costs to rise by not supporting energy independence
  • Snuff out US industry by committing us to global regulation of the great green hoax
  • Contradict our Constitution by stealing our citizen’s rights to free market health care by forcing citizens to buy government-run health care or go to jail, resulting in one seventh of the US economy in the hands of our ever growing government.
  • Support every bill imaginable to take away our Second  Amendment rights which should be God-given rights to own firearms
  • Weaken our standing in the world by apologizing on foreign soil for what we now and always have stood for
  • Call the War On Terror something that encourages denial of this evil, in the name of bringing our brave soldiers home, avoiding victory and ensuring those who died, died in vein
  • Drive our nation’s debt into oblivion, leveraging our children and grandchildren’s financial futures on an unimaginable scale  under a false premise of “stimulating” the economy
  • Take over private industry such as banks and auto manufacturers growing the evil beast of big government
  • Cause our financial markets to plummet due to all of the above
  • Ensure unemployment remains at all-time highs, driving the hard working to dependency on government
  • Increase our immigrant population for more guaranteed support of HUGE government and false use of tax dollars
  • Eloquently tell the American people daily the absolute opposite of all you are doing and blame all unfortunate circumstances on the previous administration

This list is by no means a complete list, but the general goal would be to starve the middle class into government assistance and begin the process of reversing the Constitutional blueprint of operation of the most successful free nation, free market, limited government, individual empowering nation in world history, not to mention most compassionate, which translates into most resented and hated because it’s only natural to resent those well off enough to help, right? I mean, look what those damn Jone’s have!!!!:):) I’m sorry, a hint of sarcasm:)

The so-called wealthy would be somewhat insulated at least at first and will cut back like crazy, resulting one way or another in mega job loss. Large numbers of the poor are already on board and tripping over their hand out so long as they don’t have to provide for themselves, because they believe those who enjoy a better life, lied, cheated, and stole their way there, so out of fear of breaking out of their own insecurity of failure, opt for the usual easy, arrogant road that others owe it to them because they’re sittin’ pretty! (it’s a mental disease, I’m still searching for the right words)

The bottom line, if government got the ∆˙©˚©ƒ˚∆ ing HELL out of our way, no one willing to work hard would be poor and globs of money and assistance would pour in from citizens for REAL charity because that’s the kind of people and nation we have always been and I pray we remain!!!!

Thank you for reading!


Jan 17 2010

Peace? Duh!

The Byrdman's Peace Sing!

The Byrdman's Peace Sign!

The peace sign has always offended me. I know it sounds like a terrible thing to say, but I hate peace signs! As far as I am concerned, the peace sign should not exist. It shouldn’t exist because it implies that other fine individuals oppose peace.

First of all, peace? duh!  What individual in their right mind isn’t for peace? So why flaunt the peace sign!!?? Flaunt a sign for something that is controversial but don’t shove your arrogant peace sing in my face, implying I may not support the concept of peace! If the intent behind the peace sign really is just to show opposition to evil, than at least it’s respectable, but it’s not! The intent behind the peace sign is to oppose the actual actions and or individuals that make and keep the peace.

My understanding is that the peace sign was originally designed as a nuclear disarmament symbol and somewhere around 1958 or 1960 it was adopted in the United States by the anti-war movement.  It is my view that peace sign people are made up of  both those who are simply naive and those who appose what really creates and keeps peace. If a peace sign was called an “anti-war” sign than at least it would be honest about what it is.

Due to the fact that there is pure violent evil in this world, it is unfortunate but obvious that peace can only be achieved by defeating the evil. This means words that liberals hate like victory, and military strength. So until I see evidence that I am wrong, I HATE PEACE SIGNS!


Jan 9 2010

I Love Insurance Companies!

I Love Insurance

I don’t know that I am an expert on anything, well maybe Ted Nugent, but I will say that if I want to be politically incorrect, and I do, I could spout to the world that I love insurance companies! So I will. I LOVE INSURANCE COMPANIES! Ya know, my mother loved insurance. She believed in it to the hilt. My family has always included insurance as a must as a part of our pathetic income. Health insurance was at the top of the list.  It all came before the toys in life. Imagine that.

All I know about insurance is that it has SAVED OUR ASSES on multiple occasions! So I love insurance. I also know that not all of anyone or anything is ALL good, but insurance companies in general have made undesirable changes to what they offer because millions of idiots resentful of insurance companies’ CEO profits think insurance companies suck. These people believe the goo that oozes from the left saying so to be true. So the result is, these people will do anything they can to screw the insurance company. Insurance companies, like any other business institution blessed to exist in the US because of great sacrifices, do exist for profit. It doesn’t take an expert to know that without the incentive of profit we would be a third-world country. We would still have zillionaires, but the zillionaires would be communist dictators instead of CEOs. Some people in this country are so far gone in their thinking that they actually would prefer the dictators to the rich CEOs.

To quote a friend of mine, Just imagine a world or at least our country without insurance companies. Well, dammit to hell, if people wouldn’t actually have to stop being pathetic and irresponsible ASSES, it just might bring people back to taking responsibility for their own actions. It would put ambulance-chasing attorneys out of business, and then insurance companies (don’t forget business in general) could return with reasonable rates and life could go back to what I insist it is supposed be!


Jan 8 2010

Depend On People, Not Government!

The Byrd Family Safe, Sound And Cold!

The Byrd Family Safe, Sound And Cold!

I have to spew something here if you all don’t mind.  After 43 years, I may be realizing, I mean really realizing for the first time,  the absolutely obvious.  We cannot do it all ourselves. At one time in my life I think I made a deal with myself that to avoid many of the stresses in life I would never depend on anyone. While I have softened that view a tad with marriage and children, I think I still keep that wall of independence up. Well last night that wall came tumbling down.

I took my family on a four-day vacation to the Georgia mountains to see some snow, because we are Floridians and my kids have never seen snow! This was a trip that, minus the snow aspect, we have taken many times. Well let me tell you, I can only say I wouldn’t be writing this post this a.m. if it had not been for the kindness and assistance of other people. Snow we saw. After one wrong turn in my 4×4 F150 with street tires, we found ourselves swirling around mountain roads in the middle of nowhere for 5 hours.

After 12-ish hours in the truck with my 6-year-old son, 8-year-old daughter, and wife (whose age I suppose is unnecessary:), we find that against all attempts otherwise, night had fallen, the snow was falling like I only know from the movies, and the temperature was dropping into the teens.  Backbreaking hours of driving, slimy winding up and down mountain roads at a laughable 5mph, there appeared to be absolutely no end in sight. The navigation system in the truck is repeating to proceed cautiously as there is no navigation in this area! We were told by the second, third or maybe forth or fifth person giving us directions to turn the thing off! It will send you to places you don’t want to go!

The tension and stress are setting in despite all positive energy to suppress it and cover it. The feeling that no matter what decisions we make here, there seems to be a bigger plan at play regarding our fate today. The kids were so quiet it was creepy. Anyone with kids will tell you, you know something isn’t right if the kids are quiet in the car on vacation. We believed we were finally on the right track, heading away from what we hoped would be our final outcry for directions when we gracefully glided off the road at approximately 5mph and almost rolled the truck over as we landed about 6′ lower than the road. We drove right out as if someone was watching over us and, perhaps, they were.

We continued on, counting down the miles to our next turn only to find that the junction we had been waiting to reach for hours is another ten miles on the same kind of road. 10 miles which might as well have been a 100! We pressed on, still suppressing the massive, mounting tension that was to be inevitable. Somehow, we finally made it to familiar territory only a few miles from our destination.

At the local grocery that was still open when nothing else was (again watching over us) we met some more very kind locals who were amazed by our trek. They said the weather is getting worse, 6 inches of mountain snow are expected and our destination may be particularly dangerous to get to. We were told no plowing or salt is being put on the roads in this area, so for about the 15th time tonight were were told to PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!. The tension that had finally subsided has now returned. Back in the truck we go to face the final stretch. My daughter has already expressed no longer wanting to see snow and wanting to turn around and go home.

The sign for our street is finally in sight, and at 5mp or less we carefully begin to turn onto our street when my truck decides to float uncontrollably on 2 inches of fresh snow into that street sign and into the ravine. My daughter is screaming, and my wife was — well, I don’t know what she was, but it wasn’t comforting I can tell you that. We realized we were okay and told the kids all was okay. I actually thought I could 4wd myself out of this and asked my wife and kids to get out of the car. After they got out, I realized that all of our belongings were piling up on top of me and pulling away from this one was so not an option. The truck was tipped to such an extent that my driver door only opened about 10 inches before hitting the ground. My running board was supporting my truck and my front driver wheel was dangling in mid air. My right rear wheel was dangling as well. My 4WD is now 2WD at best. Keep in mind, this is a pretty city 4×4, not a mountain truck.

Under normal conditions — we were only a few minutes from our place, but under these circumstances, walking from there just with our lives was not even an option. The temperature was in the teens, and even taking refuge in the truck until help arrived or, God forbid, until morning wasn’t an option due to the position of the truck. Don’t forget, 14 hours we have been at this with 2 kids! While I was on the cell phone (which did work in this location, again watching over us) I was finding out that towing services have no capabilities tonight. Just then a young kid, I would call him, stopped to ask if we needed help. We said, who can we call with a situation like this? He called his father to get a number of someone they know when, without delay, on this now eerie, desolate road, a giant Chevy duly truck passes us. As my disappointment begins to set in that he has passed, his break lights went on, and then his reverse lights. He backed up and asked if we had help on its way. I think I stated that it was in the works but I was freaking just a bit as I was realizing that we needed shelter tonight if we can’t get this truck out.

He said you drive, he told the kid, as I call him, to take this flashlight and alert any unlikely oncoming traffic over the hill that we are here. He said: Tell ya what I’m gonna do.. I una hook up a chain, and om gonna pull ya out”.  My wife was nowhere as I wanted her to take a photo because I knew this experience would eventually be behind us, but she was hiding out with the kids on someone’s yard because at this point she said she couldn’t watch. So as the man said, he attached the chain, I was in 4wd in reverse, and against my minimal knowledge of physics, he pulled me out like it was nothing (again someone watching over us). Neither would take a penny for their efforts and told us to drive in towards the cabin, stay on level ground and walk from there. We pushed the envelope yet again and actually arrived at our destination.

My children, who only hours before had been joyfully dreaming about frolicking in the snow, NOW HATE the snow and want to go home. I never stopped reminding myself that we would find shelter and we would survive, so don’t misunderstand any of this as a life-threatening experience, but I think we are numb to this kind of thing. We see it in the movies but the reality is that I, we, were rendered helpless and became absolutely dependent on the help of others. I’ve come away from this experience with a feeling of guilt for some reason. I suppose I should not be feeling this guilt, as I would have done the same for them given the situation.  It did make me realize that my walls of independence and expectation of getting through life without depending on others is unfair in a way and certainly unrealistic. I think this unreasonable expectation of myself has put an unnecessary burden on me. So perhaps from now on I will allow myself to depend on others more and perhaps those missing walls of protection will allow me better relationships.

Oh, one last thing, notice this real-life experience is about dependence on people, not Government!


Update: I realized the next morning that I forgot to bring the most important item of all, Coffee!! Snowed in a cabin for the weekend without coffee!! What do you know, the neighbors invited us in, gave us coffee and even gave us a ride in his HUGE snow proof truck to town to go shopping!