Jan 24 2010

Lamborghini, Made In Italy?

Made In Italy?

Made In Italy?

My son and I put together this little Lamborghini model. As any good father, I want him to know at least the bare basics about cars. So a few weeks later (today), I quizzed him again, now you remember where the Lamborghini is made right? Expecting to hear Italy, he says “hey dad, it’s made in China”. His model of course was made in China. So that’s where we are……


Dec 31 2009

More Restrictions On Us!

All this security talk on airplanes and as usual we are discussing further restrictions and inconveniences on innocent people. The questions is not how or with what did this near bombing situation take place. IT IS WHO. And we know who they are but political correctness (liberals) prevent us from doing anything about it!

This is no different than the bully in the school yard who has the bullied kid hiding and looking over his shoulder. We know what to look for but liberal minds that appose all that we stand for are preventing logic to prevail.