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This post is dedicated to my admiration for Ted Nugent. I have spent many thousands of hours loving and relating to Ted, his music, what he stands for, and his love and propensity for life.  I have spent an equal amount of time honing my skills on the guitar in large part, also due to my admiration of Ted Nugent. There is a special connection for me with Ted’s persona that I have yet to put into words in just the right way. If I believed in some of the kooky theories, I would say we were connected in some way, but enough of the crazy talk.

As many of you know, I have spent a fair amount of time with the Nuge as a result of dedication, persistance, a little creativity, and a little luck. Ted has been the most gracious of hosts each and every time I meet him. There is, however, something I have not been able to quite accomplish that I have always craved; that is to find a place where my years of work and skill with Ted Nugent’s material on the guitar fits in. I have had only limited moments to share my accomplishments on the guitar with Ted. When you are in the room with Ted, there seems to be a hundred other things that take priority during our limited time together than my accomplishments on the guitar.

I have realized finally that when I am with Ted, there really is no place for my skills. As accomplished as I may be, my specialty is playing Ted Nugent material, but then again, so is Ted’s. I believe that is the root of the craving that can be a frustration as well. My Ted Nugent story has been an iconic event in my life. I will cherish the experiences for ever. My respect and admiration for Ted Nugent has only grown with each and every meeting.

I have decided that if my skills have no place with Ted then perhaps they won’t go to waste if I can find a way to share them with others. I am planning on putting together what I anticipate will be an encyclopedia of The ByrdMan Steve’s take on Ted Nugent’s material. Both video and blog posts regarding Ted Nugent’s most masterful creations! Please be patient while I build this library in the spare time that I don’t have:)  I want to thank you for visiting and hope you will stick with me through this endeavor!

2 Responses to “Byrdman’sTake On Ted”

  • Todd Hollingsworth Says:

    The next time you get a chance to hook up with Ted….I am in. So I guess in a way I am inviting myself. After all I believe it was my Cat Scratch Fever Album….(yes vinyl shows our age) That started it all.

  • Todd Hollingsworth Says:

    And by the way I am looking forward to your blogs regarding Ted’s material.