Don't Let Her Fall Off The Hill!
Don’t Let Her Fall Off The Hill!

Byrdmansteve.com is a forum where we welcome any and all that is truly American! We consider any views left of right to be a degree of what is wrong with this great country. We are on a rescue mission to save America from the perpetrators of the left and all the apathy and ignorance of those who choose political sides as they would a football team.

We believe here that humans have always been comprised of a biological tendency to think using either an emotional process or a process of logic. Freedom and liberty, as our founding fathers so ingeniously designed, are the necessity over all other and can only be accomplished or maintained when logic triumphs over emotion.

We also believe one of Gods greatest creations is the soulful love-song-rocker, and master of logic, Ted Nugent! Our blog is not just dedicated to putting our great country back on track, we are a tribute to Ted Nugent for the legend and spokesman of true patriotism that he is. Lastly, we are a forum for I, The Byrdman Steve, to blow off steam and stroke my ego:)

I, was born February 5th, 1966. I am a father of two, husband to one, conservative minded, guitar playing, rock-n-roll loving, Ted Nugent obsessed, swimming pool contractor, and writer of all frustrations spewing from my head at all times!

We welcome new ByrdBrothers!