May 21 2010

Cowering In The Middle

I just had a heated discussion with an old friend. He is a great guy, but the stuff that came out of him devastates me! First of all, he is devoted to not taking a side. He thinks not taking a side is somehow morally superior. He insists that an hour of Fox News and an hour of CNN is balance! He is dedicated to the notion, as so many are, that all news and politicians are corrupt. This accomplishes NOTHING! We have a duty to pay closer attention because something as HUGE as U.S. or even global politics cannot properly and accurately be deciphered by listening to a few sound bites or people.

If you’re lucky, you know at least what your principles are. Far too many people do not. They only know that their life isn’t the way they want it and people are suffering. If you do know what your principles are, and you are clear on the philosophy of what you believe, that’s great, but you have one more HUGE duty to tackle. We must properly decipher what politicians DO, not what they say, and align yourself with the party that most reflects your philosophies.

It is not noble to avoid participation because you can’t find a party that is a mirror of your brain. I will say, if you understand conservatism, it is a perfect blueprint. Yes, there are undesirable solutions to difficult problems, but if you are devoted to nobility as outlined by God, the noble solutions to many situations are undesirable, but nonetheless, proper, noble, and necessary and they are all covered in the blueprint that is conservatism. On the other hand, if you are devoted to liberalism, it also is a perfect blueprint. Liberalism is the antithesis of conservatism and our country’s founding, and when practiced to its fullest as a nation, it will serve as the constitution for communism.

Americans’ political beliefs are an absolute mess right now. If we really had a situation where every voter knew what they believed in and made an educated decision to support the left or right, that would be healthy, but that is a far cry from what goes on. Elections are being determined by voters who are guessing, based on a vibe, a feeling, a hunch that usually came from propagandized news scraps that have traveled from person to person. These people are grasping a political position based on the same emotion that determines their favorite color.

The only people listening to BOTH SIDES are people who DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY BELIEVE! So I say learn, figure out what you believe, pick a damn side, and listen to the people who are most in line with your beliefs and, whether on the left or right, participate!

A watered-down concept is not a master plan for anything! No one ever broke a record playing both sides. No one has ever achieved greatness by being moderate. Greatness is achieved by figuring something out and running with it!

Conservatism is greatness. You can thank those who have heroically devoted themselves to conservatism from the time of our country’s founding for ALL the greatness our nation has ever achieved. Conservatism has created a nation worthy of ruin.

We all know liberalism is conservative Kryptonite. No one is looking to destroy Lex Luthor, but Superman is a target by many. No one is looking to tear down a third-world country, but dammit, realize that there is a political force of liberalism working to tear down Superman! (I mean the U.S. for those of you in Rio Linda, to quote a great guy:)!

I believe most who denounce conservatism don’t really know what it is. Even most of your left-wing wackos practice some conservatism every day and don’t know it! It’s a little bit like breathing air. We are living in conservative remains, and everything you do in a day’s time that is not communistic is, at the very least, a watered-down fragment of conservatism or capitalism. To put it another way, it’s nearly impossible to live in America and not benefit from conservatism. Even our ability to pay welfare is the result of conservatism!

Finally, the middle is being on both sides. The middle has a little conservatism and a little communism and a bunch of NOTHING or it wouldn’t be the middle! There is good and bad. If you are in the middle, you support a little of both.


May 11 2010

What Are The TEA Parties About?

America Is Rising

I have come to realize there are a great many people who still either have not heard of the TEA Party movement or who have not a clue what it is all about. To make matters worse, our mainstream media is a willing accomplice when it comes to misrepresenting what the TEA Party movement stands for.

The TEA Party movement is not a Republican or Democrat movement. To sum it up it is a “people movement”. People vs. our colossal growing, intrusive, liberty-killing government. TEA Party goers ALL see the greater cause and are putting aside the smaller issues and standing together against a growing ferocious, freedom-killing government. Let’s face it, none of the issues matter if we don’t remain a free society.

TEA Party people are simply one segment of those who appreciate the hard earned privilege to work hard, provide for themselves and rise above those who don’t. TEA Party supporters see clearly that any other view, supports a government, inappropriately providing for our needs. This divide in thinking is, at the core, what leads to conflict on every level, while keeping our freedom in eternal jeopardy. Our Forefathers understood this better than anyone!

I am not saying the TEA Partiers are the only people that understand what is happening. I am saying the TEA Party goers are the only “group” rising to do something about it! When push comes to shove, I believe we still have more citizens in this country that understand what we face than not.

We credit our brave soldiers and leaders for achieving freedom. If the TEA Party movement is to be successful, it may be responsible for preserving and restoring freedom peacefully.

TEA Party supporters understand that this country has thrived because we are a government of the people, not a people of the government.

TEA Party supporters are Americans who understand and appreciate the rugged road of opportunity that has always been America. It is the land with no guarantees of success, the land with no limit of success, and the land of compassion. Yes, I said the land of compassion, as the real charity comes in much larger doses from those who have worked hard and been able to prosper.

Quite simply, the people who have been, and still are, responsible hard-working individuals are resented by those who are not. The people at these TEA Parties realize that these resentful people are in charge right now and are doing everything in their power to put a stop to our ability to rise as a result of our hard work. You have only to pay attention to realize they are using corrupt politics and every influential tactic possible to change policy and gain power in government. They gain support for their corrupt policy changes by relentlessly promising to end some form of suffering with each and every policy change and crusifying with an accomplicing media, anyone who dares to denounce their so-called compassionate cause.

The truth is, most suffering is self-inflicted by the decisions people make, and when it is not, we as “people” must do everything we can to assist, and we have and we will so long as we are able to continue to prosper as individuals. “Tough Love” isn’t just for parents and kids; it is a must for a free society too.

I know from my own conversations with people that many are not able to wrap their mind around the fact that this is as serious as it is. When we talk of America no longer being a democracy and turning into a socialist nation with little or no opportunity, it sounds like crazy conspiracy talk. People must understand that the principles we have embraced leading to the highest standard of living any country has ever known are GONE so far as most of our current leaders are concerned!

I find that, in general, people tend to be inherently peaceful, and when it comes to understanding the brutality that can exist in humanity and what it takes to afford freedom and keep it, they are so often innocent or naive about it. This innocence or lack of perspective really makes it hard for them to believe America could be melting down. Time is another mental darkness, as so many people are not able to comprehend what they can’t see happen today, tomorrow, or next week. It’s very difficult to emotionally relate to the need for something that could be many years out.

It is vital that we all see the big and long-term picture. We have always heard about bad things happening in our country and around the world, and so far we have always been okay, but this time I believe is different. I’m not saying the end of life as we know is coming, but I am saying we have never been so close to the end of life as we know it.

The TEA Party movement is comprised of people who see the big picture. I have been to countless TEA Parties and these are all people who are scared to death that 50 or so years of apathy may have led to the loss of the greatest land of opportunity and human compassion to ever have existed if we don’t stop it!

TEA Party goers in general are not the people we have ever seen protesting anything. TEA Party people are not activist; they are motivated, working people, usually minding their own business, families, businesses, jobs, and so on. This group has never wanted a handout from anyone, especially our beast of a government. TEA Party people appreciate and understand the liberty millions sacrificed for and are realizing the reality that it could all be over very soon.

TEA Partiers are the visionaries. They see what, unfortunately, too many don’t yet see. Even if you doubt that statement, what have you got to lose to consider it? Freedom, if you are wrong.

I challenge anyone who has doubts or interest in what the TEA Parties are about to attend one. No one has to know you went. No one has to know your name. You don’t have to speak to anyone. Just walk up and observe. Watch the regular people that make our society tick, doing what every American should have never stopped doing; paying attention and standing up to protect our freedom! Our way of life is under attack as we speak, and it doesn’t take a paranoid individual to see it only a concerned one.

Before you pass judgment on the TEA Party people, you’d better find out who’s there. Your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your employers, your co-workers, truck drivers, bikers, rockers, and on and on. These ARE NOT politicians! These are people for whom almost all have never participated in any such activity.

You must be open to the fact that mainstream media is bias, to put it nicely. Also beware that the biased media will make a giant news story out of one alleged idiot in ten thousand that is a troublemaker at a TEA Party.

I have never been one to participate myself. Until now I have always avoided being a part of any group. I actually have always been the guy who wants to go against the grain, but never in my life have I been so afraid as a hard-working American for my future and, worse yet my kids’ future.

Never before have I found myself among finer people than at a TEA Party. I love rock concerts, but I know half the people there suck. When you go to a TEA Party, you are surrounded by every walk of life, men and woman of every race and every varying background imaginable coming together because we see a catastrophe happening. A catastrophe that others are apathetic about and choose to ignore or, worse yet, participate in. Remember, when help is needed, non-action may be viewed as a contribution to the problem.

To understand the TEA Party concept, you must first be willing to accept that while America is imperfect, it remains the greatest land to be born on. You must then be able to accept the unarguable principles that created it and at least consider the notion that our way of life is under attack. If you can’t wrap your mind around this, then get the hell out of the way because the American people are rising!