Apr 4 2010

It Is No Longer Politics!

What is happening in Washington IS NOT POLITICS! Politics is our process. Yes it gets nasty, but it is a process of working together. The line has been crossed! Our political system has been assaulted and is under siege as we speak! History’s most precious document, the United States Constitution, the document that has protected our country from tyrannical rule, has been tread upon.

The only difference between this current administration and our leadership being taken over by a foreign enemy is the fact that we “elected” these radical teenage dictators into office as our leaders! Ironically, the success of our nation has afforded, as a side effect of freedom, a culture so comfortable and or apathetic and expectant of peace, that many now hold beliefs contrary to our founding.

I don’t know how much longer I can listen to mainstream media, even Fox News, treating our ignorantly elected leaders with the utmost respect for the offices they rule! These people should be in jail and or thrown out for their despicable disrespect for our process, not thanked for taking time out of their busy day to come lie to the American people!

While I do believe the Democratic party has always represented the move from what is right toward what is wrong, I will say, these are not Democrats! These are not the Democrats that were full of social giveaways but still loved our founding.

Perhaps a silver lining in all of this is, now we have a chance. I shutter to think what another decade or so of safe-but moderate Bush-style politics would have allowed these peace abusers and confused moderates to grow into. To put it another way, I don’t know if a few more decades of gradually saturating our culture with stealthy bits of socialism would allow us the ability to overcome it. This administration is not hiding who they are. Finally, if you open your eyes you can see what liberalism is and leads to. If we can see it, we can fight it, if we can fight it, we can beat it, DON’T LET UP!