Feb 9 2010

What If Terrorist Ran The United States Of America?

If Terrorist Ran Our Country, What Would Be different?

Just for a moment let’s take 200 of the most aggressive America haters in the world and assume they ran for the highest office in the land and took charge of the United States Of America. I would like to know in what way would this group govern differently from the Obama administration today? This may sound a bit extreme, but we live in extreme times, and I don’t think we can afford to gamble on the answer to this!

Okay. So the 200 such America haters that are now “hypothetically” politically in charge will not personally be suicide bombing, at least not physically, as they are now in the captain’s chair, so they will have to find ways of destroying the nation they loathe by political means. What might they do? In no order of importance, because that would be impossible:

  • Raise taxes
  • Raise all costs for small business through energy taxes and unemployment increases and a million others
  • Allow fuel costs to rise by not supporting energy independence
  • Snuff out US industry by committing us to global regulation of the great green hoax
  • Contradict our Constitution by stealing our citizen’s rights to free market health care by forcing citizens to buy government-run health care or go to jail, resulting in one seventh of the US economy in the hands of our ever growing government.
  • Support every bill imaginable to take away our Second  Amendment rights which should be God-given rights to own firearms
  • Weaken our standing in the world by apologizing on foreign soil for what we now and always have stood for
  • Call the War On Terror something that encourages denial of this evil, in the name of bringing our brave soldiers home, avoiding victory and ensuring those who died, died in vein
  • Drive our nation’s debt into oblivion, leveraging our children and grandchildren’s financial futures on an unimaginable scale  under a false premise of “stimulating” the economy
  • Take over private industry such as banks and auto manufacturers growing the evil beast of big government
  • Cause our financial markets to plummet due to all of the above
  • Ensure unemployment remains at all-time highs, driving the hard working to dependency on government
  • Increase our immigrant population for more guaranteed support of HUGE government and false use of tax dollars
  • Eloquently tell the American people daily the absolute opposite of all you are doing and blame all unfortunate circumstances on the previous administration

This list is by no means a complete list, but the general goal would be to starve the middle class into government assistance and begin the process of reversing the Constitutional blueprint of operation of the most successful free nation, free market, limited government, individual empowering nation in world history, not to mention most compassionate, which translates into most resented and hated because it’s only natural to resent those well off enough to help, right? I mean, look what those damn Jone’s have!!!!:):) I’m sorry, a hint of sarcasm:)

The so-called wealthy would be somewhat insulated at least at first and will cut back like crazy, resulting one way or another in mega job loss. Large numbers of the poor are already on board and tripping over their hand out so long as they don’t have to provide for themselves, because they believe those who enjoy a better life, lied, cheated, and stole their way there, so out of fear of breaking out of their own insecurity of failure, opt for the usual easy, arrogant road that others owe it to them because they’re sittin’ pretty! (it’s a mental disease, I’m still searching for the right words)

The bottom line, if government got the ∆˙©˚©ƒ˚∆ ing HELL out of our way, no one willing to work hard would be poor and globs of money and assistance would pour in from citizens for REAL charity because that’s the kind of people and nation we have always been and I pray we remain!!!!

Thank you for reading!


Feb 8 2010

Naples FL Tea Party February 6, 2010


Byrdman & Kids At Naples Tea Party

We attended the Naples Tea Party Saturday February 6, 2010 and as usual it was inspiring! I’m not one to get involved but I have never had such strong concerns about the future of our way of life as I do these days. I ponder the possibility that if we don’t act, life as we know it may be only a story we tell our children and grandchildren.

I find that at these Tea Parties, I am surrounded by people from many different backgrounds but we are all as one when it comes to understanding the blueprint of America! It’s a beautiful feeling!

Thank You to All of You Involved For Organizing These Events!

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