Dec 31 2009

More Restrictions On Us!

All this security talk on airplanes and as usual we are discussing further restrictions and inconveniences on innocent people. The questions is not how or with what did this near bombing situation take place. IT IS WHO. And we know who they are but political correctness (liberals) prevent us from doing anything about it!

This is no different than the bully in the school yard who has the bullied kid hiding and looking over his shoulder. We know what to look for but liberal minds that appose all that we stand for are preventing logic to prevail.

Dec 19 2009

ObamaCare Cannot Happen!

This disaster of humanity which is the ObamaCare and all the socialism that goes with it CANNOT continue!!!

Harry Reid’s trillion-dollar health-care overhaul plan is being slammed down our throats with absolutely no regard for the American people. He plans to nationalize our health-care system and is willing to see his party lose seats to do so because he knows it will be the largest grab of government control our country has ever known, and that is his Marxist desire.  I urge you to oppose this UNBELIEVABLY disastrous bill that has been hidden from the American people and can be regarded as none other than an act of American Betrayal in my mind.

We are truly talking about stealing the lives of millions of people. This arrogant (to put it mildly) TOTAL disregard for the greatest country and force for good this world has ever known and the wishes of the American people is criminal and is contradictory to our Constitution and our Founding Fathers’ brilliant design.


Dec 13 2009



The ByrdBlog is a right wing extremist forum by today’s standards. We endorse Godliness, good old fashioned American rugged individualism and opposition to all “political correctness”.

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Be a ByrdBrother. A “ByrdBrother” is one who believes that America is the greatest force for good in this world. You must also believe that Individual Liberty  is the the path from evil, and of course,  a profound affection for Uncle Ted and good Rock N Roll is requested at all times:)

We welcome respectful debate and educational conversation, however, if your views, at your core, appose all that we stand for, and it is your intent on changing our minds, then don’t waste your time here.  We are a bunch of Right Wing Nut jobs as far as you are concerned. Nut jobs who’s philosophy, bravery and sacrifice made it possible for you to be an apathetic, delusional individual now supporting anything and everything un American. Yup, believe it or not, we understand you better than you understand you!

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