Nov 26 2009

To Befriend Or Not…

My son just asked me, “Hey, Dad. So do we only support people who are like us?” What he meant, because he hears his parents talking all the time, is do we befriend people who disagree with us? I thought for a moment, not that this is a new thought, but it hit me harder today. We always have befriended those who we knew were good, decent, and honest at heart regardless of their views (most happened to share our views but not all). Now, I must say, no more. Civility is a challenge these days.

We were always trained to respect the views of others even if we didn’t agree with their view. The reality of it was, it really didn’t matter what their view was because I could have my own view, and go on to pursue my life and opportunity in whatever way I wanted.  But the real reality of it is, we are losing our opportunity to pursue our own prosperous lives because of their views and, most importantly, because we thought respecting their view didn’t matter so long as we still had what, looking back, seems like a selfish opportunity to take care of our own dreams.

Don’t mistake respecting the views of others with respecting their right to have that view. I do believe for some time we have been seriously confusing respecting the right to ones belief with respecting their belief itself. In other words, their right to say it is fine but when they spout anti American communist goo, on any level, we as Americans should be outraged every time! If we had always been, it’s possible we would not have fallen to where we are today.  The beauty and sort of paradoxical aspect of the entire situation is that the right for others to hold any opinion they wish is so precious that words cannot do justice, however, that same precious right to ones opinion gives right for those to appose, with & without ignorance, the process that created that precious right. History does seem to repeat itself.


Nov 16 2009

Liberalism Is Arrogant..

I say liberalism is arrogant but what I really mean is you can’t exercise liberalism without arrogant and condescending behavior. The reason is very simple. Liberalism is “void of truth, substance and accuracy”! When you don’t have substance, the only thing you do have, is your delivery, Your tone, your vocabulary, and your appearance. All of which wows some but accomplishes NOTHING!

Just imagine you have no substance and or logic to your argument but you still need to persuade.  How can you do it without substance and logic on your side. The only way to persuade when substance is not on your side is through symbolism. You must use the visual of your presentation, your vocabulary and tone in your verbal delivery. Further, and this is very important, you must NEVER solve a problem! You must always keep your focus on the problems that exist and NEVER put forth logical solutions. Solutions actually solve problems and without problems to capitalize on there would be no liberalism because liberalism is about having problems not getting rid of problems.

I believe it comes from that area of human behavior, where too many tap into that mindset that has an absence of will power,  belief in ones self and individual capability in general. Colossal Ignorance might just some up the liberal followers. The liberal leaders however are far more deliberate and in fact evil in many cases if you really want to get into it but that can be a whole other article.

The liberal argument must choose subject matter everyone cares about and is in need of improvement. It must accuse and move on before any defense can be made and COMPLETELY IGNORE any defense that does come through as the collision of logic and emotion is like oil and water!

The liberal must gain their credibility through contrived passion. To take it a step further, no liberal passion can be genuine. It may be real but it’s never genuine. It is contrived because it is based on beliefs that do not contain the support of logic. Logic is the substance. Remember, the origin of liberal passion comes from emotion not logic.

I am convinced that whenever good and evil battle and start out on an equal footing that good will usually if not always triumph as the passion of righteousness is on the side of good. The side with the genuine passion will always prevail.

You might be feeling cleaver at this point thinking you have stumbled on some irony as this article may sound arrogant in itself. It might sound that way however, I always say that its not arrogance if its true. If it’s true lets call it confidence.  The very word arrogant comes across as somewhat of a paradox to me. Arrogance by definition is basically a lack of confidence if you really dig into it yet it is perceived as over confidence. It can’t be over confidence if it’s not about having real confidence in the first place. In other words in my opinion, all arrogant people are experiencing a shortage of confidence or they would not have to be arrogant.


Nov 3 2009



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Nov 1 2009

Some Serious ByrdTalk!

Solving Problems Over Breakfast

Solving World Problems Over Breakfast

The story of The Byrdman Steve is a story about a young, not so impressionable high school kid who obsessed on Ted Nugent growing up. While never leaving a well grounded sense of reason and responsibility, he never grew out of this seemingly unprecedented admiration for Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent is the persona of talent, reason and logic with just the right amount of rebellion all in one violent dose! The complete story of The Byrdman Steve is a blaring example of what perseverance leads to.